Tiara paintings

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Tiara: Cloud
Tiara: Cloud    2011    oil on linen laminated on panel    32.125 x 45 inches
Tiara: Marigold
Tiara: Marigold    2010    oil on linen laminated on panel    15.5x 20.75 inches
Tiara: Ginko & Willow
Tiara: Ginko & Willow    2010    oil on linen laminated on panel    20.75 x 15.5 inches
Tiara: With Tears
Tiara: With Tears    2012    oil on linen    21.75 x 24 inches

About the floral paintings:

Most recently I have found myself embracing a subject matter with built in, even cliche beauty and joining the ranks of artists who have painted flowers. In the past, I have typically avoided subjects in my work that have presumed beauty, choosing to focus on more visually ordinary or banal subjects.

These recent paintings, coming out of my long time documentation of flowers from my urban garden, began with a series entitled the 'Tiara Series' (some of which are shown on this page) which led to other flower 'arrangements' which include the ongoing Four Season 'Bouquet' series. Winter, the first of the Four Season paintings was completed in 2014 and Summer has just been completed.

Like much of my previous work, the imagery in these flower paintings continues in a naturalist vein tweaked into unnatural but pictorially believable contexts. But with these paintings I allow myself to embrace, rather than subdue, utter beauty in the execution of these pieces.

- Holly Sears